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Charles & Elizabeth Groth and children Katharine and Charles Jr. probably taken around 1895.

I am the great, great grandaughter of Henry and Elizabeth Georgeson. I have always be interested in my heritage and was thrilled to see the old photos on your Museum website. I can only identify my grandmother and great grandmother and great grandfather, but you probably know more than I do. My great grandfather Charles Groth, wrote a diary about his life on Galiano in the 1880's which now resides in the archives in Victoria. The birth of my grandmother Katharine
was listed and was the only proof her age when she applied for her old age pension. My great granfather died in 1936 I think, so I was not born yet. My grandmother died in 1966 at the age of 80. She married William Paull who originally came from the Jersey Islands. I would have loved to be able to talk to her now about her life on the Island, but when you are young you are not really interested. There was an article written in the The Beaver (Winter Edition 1980) by a woman that was doing some graduate studies, her name was Marie Elliott a descendant of one of the pioneer families on Mayne Island, but you may already be aware of this.
Lynda Givens,



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