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Charles G.L. Elverson family photos 1930’s

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Faded postcard removed from a black paper album.
Shows the “Motor Princess” tying up at Sturdies Bay on Galiano Island. Photograph is facing out towards Mayne Island and Bellhouse Point. People waiting on the wharf. A car at the end of the wharf and 3 or 4 launches tied up on the lower float. Note on the back of postcard in pencil. Sunday at Galiano




Collection Charles G.L. Elverson Accession number 2008010009
Location Tony Lynch-Staunton, England Dimension 7.7cm x 12.9cm
Date [1935] Extent and Physical Description digital copies
Responsibility photographer unknown   postcard removed from album - condition good
Source grandson of Charles G.L. Elverson Tony Lynch Staunton