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Interview with Dave Morgan

1. Raising the Flag

That’s 1939. That’s the King and Queen going through Active Pass. That’s Mary Backlund (now Harding) and that’s Jackie there. Jackie Hawthorne. That’s what Jackie said. he looked at that and tight away, he said that his mother (Ellen Hawthorne) always took photographs when something important was happening. So they were raising the flag.

see photo MOR72 “Union Jack”

2. The Active Pass

This here, Active Pass, this boat here, that boat was built by [Jackie Hawthorne’s] great-uncle George, and it was built for a fellow named Alec Mellish. And it was built in the old boathouse at our place. Now the person here, breaking the bottle, is Mary Backlund, and this over here is great-uncle George, standing there with the hat on. So that’s what that’s about. It would be in the 30’s, I think.

see photo MOR37 “Launching Active Pass”

3. The Georgesons

Here we have Archie Georgeson, Uncle Robert, he never married, that’s Sophie, great uncle George is right in behind there, this is Arthur, Auntie Eve, right there, and Eve is married to Ed, at the end, and uncle Jack is right there-- no children. Jackie Hawthorne, Mary Hawthorne, Ellen Hawthorne, and Pal. So you’ve got it all there. It’s 1935, and that is when their Grandmother died. The only person missing is Uncle Bill.

see photo MOR27 “Georgesons, 1935”

4. Skiff and a Kicker

That’s our boat-- a Turner built drop-keep sailboat. I’ve still got it. I’ve got the mast, and the keel you could drop in. My Dad and I circumnavigated Galiano in that. It took us a day.. well, a day and a night. We camped up at Coon Bay, because it was kind of slow, as you can see, a little boat like that. It’s built by a fellow called Turner, a very famous boat builder in Vancouver. A Turner clinker boat. It would be sometime in the 50’s, because there’s an outboard engine on it. It’s a British Seagull, so that would be probably in the late 50’s.

see photo MOR57