A collection of historic photographs from Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada


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You are invited to support the Museum by becoming a member of the Galiano Museum Society. Only $10.00/year. Also by making a donation of a "Square Foot" at a cost of $250 each, honoured by a certificate and a tax receipt you will be supporting construction of the Galiano Museum. See Museum History.

"The Museum Society is creating a Galiano Family File with information about people who lived on Galiano. We welcome questions about the pioneers and additions to what we know about early Galianoites"

If you can identify any unidentified photos or have Galiano Family information please contact: Helen Russell

For general inquiries about the Galiano Museum Society: email

Galiano Museum Society
519 Georgeson Bay Road
Galiano, BC
V0N 1P0


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